I highly recommend Ocean Ortho as they were a huge help to me after I was rear ended in a car accident with horrible whiplash where I couldn't hold a cup of coffee or open doors without using two hands. The pain was so bad that my hand was tingling non stop.

Nayana Patel was first person I saw before Dr Dhwalikar. She started prescriptions and recommended natural herbal options as well. Both worked very well and stopped the worst of it. For back pain ongoing, Dr Dhwalikar continued treatments which helped a lot and prescribed multiple rounds of PT I needed, and was what insurance would approve. 'A' Insurance did not approve other recommendation even though it would have ended my pain a lot earlier.

Nayana Patel and Dr Dhwalikar are honest and had my best interests in mind to help be recover the right way. Ocean Ortho's Xray and on site MRI through Pyramid MRI is a huge convenience, as they were able to view images quickly for treatments. Even when 'A' insurance had me go through an IME, that IME Dr agreed saying to me that I had good doctors and treatments I was going through to recover.

Jimmy G


This office has been very professional, caring and accommodating since day one. They are always fast and polite and you can see the staff works hard. Each visit is always as easy as possible and they keep up very well. Would recommend!

Renee Mckenna


Awesome staff and Dr. Alcid the best! Great experience with rotator cuff surgery

Arlene Trinidad


The entire experience was absolutely fantastic. Dr Dhawlikar is a kind compassionate patient-focused surgeon. I have been in healthcare as a surgical nurse and CEO for the healthcare system and he and his team are by far the best. I highly recommend this surgeon and his healthcare team

Denise Lascar